January 25, 2021

CBD Honey Sticks Review: How To Use Them

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CBD Honey Sticks are the perfect and convenient way to add wellness to your favorite snacks or drinks. 

Honey is well known for providing health benefits for centuries and acts as an effective carrier for high-quality and terpene-rich CBD Oil.

CBD Hemp Oil Honey serves as a natural source of: flavonoids, magnesium, essential fatty acids, protein, terpenes, vitamins A, B, C, and E, without preservatives or additives.

Each honey stick possesses 10mg of Full-Spectrum CBD. CBD honey sticks are a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of CBD wherever you go.

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What Do CBD Honey Sticks Do?

You can use CBD Honey Sticks in several delicious and fun ways. Just do your imagination and we’re sure you will come up with your very own unique usage.

CBD Sticks offer you the option to make those delicious, fun, and unique ways on the road.

It’s super portable; that’s the real beauty of the honey sticks.

Here are some simple ways to use CBD Honey Sticks:

The main pros of the CBD honey sticks themselves (not the honey you are ingesting) is that they’re fully portable.

  • You could keep around a container of CBD honey, but it gets heavy & bulky
  • CBD honey sticks are easy to use, light, & fit just about anywhere
  • It mediates psychotic disorders
  • Slows down cancer cell growth
  • Fights against depression & anxiety
  • Suppresses seizure activity
  • Relieves pain
  • Helps to reduce swelling anywhere on your body
  • Invigorate appetite
  • Moderate neurodegenerative disorders


With pros, honey sticks also have some cons.

  • It may interfere with your liver’s ability to break down
  • Dry mouth

How to Measure Dose of CBD Honey Sticks?

There a few common guidelines when it comes to dosing that we like to stress. The very first common advice is to dip your toe in the water before you jump in feet first.

By that phrase, we mean that start slow and look at how your body reacts to the amount of dose of CBD honey sticks that you do consume.

Because of the way the sticks are pre-packaged, and dosing is not necessarily up to the user’s discretion, finding the right amount of dose for you and the condition or ailment you are trying to address should be easy.

The packaging box of the CBD Honey Sticks includes the guidelines on the amount of CBD Hemp extract included in each straw/stick, but it is likely to be between 15-20 milligrams per stick.

Here, a number of factors come into play, some of the consultants recommend that taking 1-6 milligrams of CBD daily for every 10 pounds of body weight can be beneficial for reducing the pain levels.

Sure, the caveat is the different body compositions process CBD in several ways. Moreover, if you are looking to treat depression/anxiety with CBD Honey Sticks, you may get you to need a completely different dosage than someone who needs pain relief.

One of the other major reasons besides the portability of the honey sticks is that they possess little to no THC. Including all these factors up makes CBD Honey Sticks a highly-valuable option in the CBD industry.

  • Do CBD Honey Sticks Contain THC?

    THC is the cannabinoid that is popular for its “high” or psychoactive effects.

    Our full-spectrum CBD honey sticks contain the least quantity of THC up to 0.3% in compliance with the legal limit & produce absolutely no psychoactive effects. We also offer a lab-tested and guaranteed THC-free version of our CBD honey sticks.

    If you live in a state that prohibits THC at all levels, you will only see the THC-free version available for purchase.

With little to no side effects to using CBD Honey Sticks, it is almost a no-brainer to try them if you are looking for a better option that is portable too.

If you are thinking to try CBD Honey Sticks, find well reputable companies that can offer lab-tested products to make sure you are not getting anything you don’t want.

Make your life easier, pain-free and be active by buying CBD Honey Sticks. Just check out the two products above to buy any CBD Honey Sticks.