Why a Sudden Popularity on CBD Products?

In the past years, the whole world had witnessed the sudden growth of CBD oil in the health and wellness industry. Before, CBD products such as herbal components in drinks, cosmetics, and natural cream were viewed with skepticism by consumers and even rejected by legislators. But the story today is far different, this has become one of the most sought health and wellness products and now the industry is experiencing staggering exponential growth.  It is now even sold in the form of tinctures, creams, lotions, and even mixed in some coffee. Why sudden popularity over CBD and its products?

The Truth First – What is CBD?

The very reason why cannabis is getting legalized in most parts of the state and across the world has nothing to do with getting high on using it, but rather on how it revolutionized modern medicine and the science as well.

Thanks to the numerous wellness and health benefits brought by Cannabidiol (CBD) which makes it sensational in the market today. There are even a lot of reasons that this popular trend is not going to change anytime soon. What’s really with CBD after all?

There’s a myth that says CBD oils have the same effect of marijuana, giving some euphoria effect to users. But the difference lies in the compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is chiefly responsible for the high feeling effect that users of marijuana usually experienced. However, the THC composition in the CBD is dormant. This means that CBD consists of non-psychoactive compounds that only boost its anti-inflammatory and healing effects.

As a result, CBD oil users tend to enjoy the benefits that they could get from taking the product such as relief from chronic pain, a cure for acne and skin diseases, and even treatment for diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. This result of the biggest market of supplements containing CBD these days. This includes multivitamins, tablets, ointment, creams, and oil. Like in the case of the latter, this is just one of the many supplements that have exploded suddenly its popularity in the market.

Why CBD has increased in popularity?

Not even, CBD oil manufacturers had imagined or predicted that these products will become popular worldwide. But, why has CBD really become popular, so suddenly?

Here are a few reasons why…

  • CBD Oil Was Made Legal

The sudden popularity of CBD started when it was finally legalized in some states in the United States. In reality, products that were hemp-derived like CBD had been legal for a very long time. In the UK alone, it’s been legal to grow hemp for decades, and many products are even sold in the market from paper, T-shirt, creams, and other consumables.

But take note, there’s a big difference between hemp and cannabis. Cannabis refers to a family of plants and comes with different strains. Some of these strains contain the chemical compound THC, which gets you high and this is illegal to grow and consume in most parts of the country. While Hemp is a strain that has no THC and lots of CBD compound that does not get you high and have beneficial effects on the body instead. This just only means that this will not be banned.

  • CBD is available in High Street Shops

This is one of the reasons why CBD exploded into the mainstream market. This is because of the big marketing efforts of high street stores like Holland and Barrett and other big chains of supplements in the country that have seen the untapped potential market of CBD products. This is influenced by the push also worldwide to finally legalize cannabis for medical purposes which many countries are positive on the idea of it.

This could be possible in no time since CBD does not have the same effects as marijuana. It’s just that, marketing CBD is often related to cannabis in the past that is why some were negative on the idea of this. However, the public today has been open-minded to the idea that CBD oil is totally THC free and far from marijuana.

  • CBD as Cure for All

Another reason for the CBD’s popularity is that it is not tightly regulated. This allowed some unscrupulous manufacturers and even marketers to easily brand CBD as a cure-all solution for illness and diseases. However, doing it is against the law since CBD has not yet been proven scientifically to have its medicinal effects on all kinds of health issues. This eventually damages the CBD’s reputation given the benefit of the doubt, that many have already experienced its real benefits.

To combat these misleading advertisements of some CBD manufacturers, people are relying on anecdotal evidence to back up their claims. Eventually, many people have come online to share their real-life experiences in taking CBD. This in turn encourages others to do the same after knowing the positive experience with CBD. But not unless these claims are backed up by scientific data, it is yet too soon to tell that CBD is the cure-all for all diseases.

  • Many More CBD Manufactures than Before

With the increase of consumers looking for and buying CBD products, there’s has been a commensurate rush of the manufacturers making the product. Some even joined some big brand names to easily penetrate the market. As a result, more and more consumers and sellers are coming on the market. This even led to the production of various CBD products from oils, sprays, creams, coffee, and even chocolate.

This can be good and bad. It will lead to more competition, giving consumers a lot of options for products. There had been a lot of choices of high quality to low prices offered CBD products manufactured in different ways. On the other side, it also results in low-quality manufacturers flooding the market that offers low-quality CBD oil. This may result in users not getting the positive effect.

Because of its sudden popularity, consumers are warned to be cautious in buying CBD products from various sellers and manufacturers. Since the sale of CBD is not highly regulated, there’s a greater chance of getting fake items instead. When buying CBD, be sure to read reviews and look for the ratings to avoid getting with a low-quality product.

But more importantly, CBD is bringing positive change to peoples’ lives these days. There is no reason for you not to try it too. If you wish to get only quality items, here’s an online site that could guide you with that.

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